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The Crystal Set released their first single, "A Drop in the Ocean", independently on their own Set label in December 1984. [1] [2] It was "designed, packaged and distributed by the band members themselves." [3] Moor declared, "We want to gain some independence just like Midnight Oil, before we look for an agent." [3] By May 1985 they signed to Red Eye Records , which issued their second single, "Benefit of the Doubt". [1] Ratcliffe had left and they used studio drummers, Mark Evans on the B-side, "Don't Be Surprised", and John Lloyd on the A-side. [1] That single had been co-produced by Kilbey's older brother, Steve Kilbey (of the Church ), and Guy Gray. [2] The first single was re-issued by Red Eye Records in November. [1] [2] By that time they "had built up a strong cult following around Sydney." [1]

Crystal Set, The - ThriveCrystal Set, The - ThriveCrystal Set, The - ThriveCrystal Set, The - Thrive